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Improve has a strong network of management consultants with a focus on various aspects of the education industry. Together with our partners, we are able to provide the human, organizational, technical, and professional resources and abilities to meet your needs.

Nona Ullman

President, Improve, LLC

Ms. Ullman, the President of Improve, LLC, increases the management capacity of educational agencies by providing strategic, organizational, operational, and project management consulting for public sector institutions. In Ms. Ullman’s nearly 30 years of consulting experience she has consulted over 50 state and local governments in 20 states. Ms. Ullman also served on the Malcolm … Continue reading "Nona...

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Rebecca Maynard

Principal Management Consultant - Program Evaluation

Dr. Rebecca Maynard is a leading expert in the design and conduct of randomized controlled trials in the areas of education and social policy. She has conducted influential methodological research, including co-developing PowerUP! to support efficient sample designs for causal inference studies, and she has been influential in advancing the development and application of research … Continue reading "Rebecca...

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Shannon Stautberg

Senior Project Manager - Change Management

Shannon Stautberg is a certified change management consultant with more than 18 years of experience serving in project and change management roles for large-scale system implementations, as well as performing strategic and operational analysis projects for government agencies and companies in the private and public sectors. She has performed best-practice benchmarking and qualitative analysis for … Continue reading "Shannon...

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Phillip Dunn, II

Senior Project Manager - Program Evaluation, Data Analytics, and Technology

Phillip Dunn, III, is an experienced Chief Information Officer (CIO) with a demonstrated history of working in the digital learning industry. For more than 10 years, he has served in public education, first as the Director of Strategic Analysis for the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE), then as CIO of both Stamford … Continue reading "Phillip Dunn,...

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Meaghan Townsend

Consultant Intern

Meaghan Townsend is a rising sophomore at Harvard University, where she is concentrating in English with a secondary in Educational Studies. Interning for Improve, LLC, she is deeply interested in a career in educational management. Meaghan has extensive experience in peer-to-peer education through tutoring and mentorship programs. She currently works as a Resource Efficiency Program … Continue reading "Meaghan...

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Randolph Thomas

Senior Project Manager - Research and Evaluation

Randolph Thomas spent 10 years as the director of planning, research, and evaluation for the US Virgin Islands Department of Education. He was also the project director of the Virgin Islands Virtual Information System (VIVIS). As part of his numerous accomplishments, he created and led the VIVIS, from envisioning to creation to implementation. Randolph also … Continue reading "Randolph...

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Carissa Zakers

Management Consultant - Project Management and Implementation

Carissa Zakers is a program evaluation specialist for the US Virgin Islands Department of Education, where she has worked for more than 10 years. In this role, she was the project manager for the Implementation of the Vital Records Information Management System; the project lead for the implementation of the Virgin Islands Data Governance Program … Continue reading "Carissa...

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M. Monica Sanchez

Senior Project Manager - Risk Assessment

M. Monica Sanchez is the managing director and owner of Public Sector Performance Associates LLC, a company that focuses on helping organizations increase operational efficiency. She has 18 years of experience serving the operational improvement needs of organizations, mainly in local and state government. Monica’s experience spans across numerous public-sector entities (both governments and nonprofits), … Continue reading "M. Monica...

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Stuart Grifel

Senior Project Manager - Operational Efficiency and Financial Analysis

Stuart Grifel is a recognized subject matter expert in improving operational and organizational performance in the public sector. A former teacher in the Yonkers, NY, public school system, he is currently serving as the consulting director for Public Sector Performance Associates of Tampa, Florida. For more than 25 years, Stuart has helped improve operational efficiency … Continue reading "Stuart...

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Trudy Edelson


Ms. Edelson is a results-oriented consultant dedicated to helping organizations achieve their goals. With more than 15 years of strategic communications experience, Ms. Edelson is skilled at turning complex technology concepts into easy-to-understand content. Her expertise ranges from strategic communications, process development, training program creation, and change management communication to cross-functional alignment and collaboration. In … Continue reading "Trudy...

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