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Digital Learning Readiness

Digital Learning Readiness

Is your district seeking ways to better leverage technology in the classroom environment? Improve, LLC has spent the last five years assisting districts more effectively implement digital learning environments (DLEs), including Greenwich Public Schools, the New York City Department of Education, and the Chappaqua Central School District. After Improve supported Greenwich through implementation of a DLE, that district’s math test scores increased 4% in 2017 and 4% in 2018. Greenwich Public Schools has hosted visiting educators from Connecticut and New York districts seeking best practices from the DLE.

Riverside School: Digital Learning Environment

An Overview of the Greenwich Digital Learning Environment
Implementing an effective DLE requires focused effort in these five areas to achieve success:
  • Plan: Purposeful plan to use technology effectively and efficiently
  • Procure: Streamlined procurement
  • Learn: Quality professional learning opportunities
  • Implement: Implementation with fidelity
  • Support: Highly responsive instructional and technical support

Improve, LLC has developed a Digital Readiness Dashboard to assess a school’s readiness to gain the maximum benefit from a DLE.

Digital Readiness Dashboard
  1. Defined vision, goals, and success measurements
  2. DLE use cases (e.g., evidence-based recommended usage of digital resource to improve curriculum and student outcomes)
  3. School education technology team established
  4. Action plan created
  5. Policies and procedures written (e.g., acceptable use policy)
  1. Sufficient bandwidth
  2. Mobile device management and internet filtering
  3. Devices and operating system (OS) choice
  4. Digital toolbox (do a few things well)
  1. Cultural shift to support innovation and risk-taking
  2. Principals, teachers, students, and families receive digital citizenship instruction
  3. 25-40 hours of professional learning in first year of roll-out
    • Case for change – why should I embrace a DLE?
    • ISTE standards
    • Device and OS
    • 2-3 digital tools
    • Collaborative planning time
  1. Leadership supports risk taking and innovation
  2. Teachers update lessons and practice using technology tools with full support
  3. Data are monitored: shifts in practice, digital tool usage, student outcomes
  4. Best practices are shared
  1. Designated school contact to lead DLE efforts
  2. Identified school instructional technology support/coaching
  3. Identified school technical support resource(s)