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K12 Project Management Training

K12 Project Management Certification

Unlike other project management training services, Improve offers project management training specifically tailored to the needs of a K12 administrator or educator. Our training delivers streamlined instruction in the aspects of project management that are relevant within schools.

Improve offers project management training and certification to enable educational agencies to:
  1. Successfully complete projects on time and within budget, such as:
    • Implementation of 1:1 digital learning environments
    • Strategic Plan Projects (e.g., school start time, master facilities planning)
    • District performance reviews
    • Information Technology system implementation
    • School construction projects
  2. Define the return on investment as measured through sustained program evaluation
  3. Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness
  4. Facilitate vertical and horizontal collaboration
  5. Rapidly identify and implement best practices in K12 research in schools
  6. Implement project-based learning and project management within the district curriculum
  7. Improve student outcomes

Participants will make tangible progress on a project of their choice while also cultivating the key skills of K12 project management. Certification will be awarded based on demonstrated mastery of these skills.

Certified educators will emerge with a newfound wealth of project management templates and knowledge, which can be then translated to future projects and shared with colleagues. This training is optimal for any administrator seeking to increase the capacity and efficiency of his or her district.