Management Consulting

Improve, LLC (Improve) helps state and local educational agencies and other institutions across the United States achieve rapid progress in attaining their organizational and project goals. We boost team performance to the next level by energizing and inspiring stakeholders as we help them succeed in undertaking complex projects. Improve assists organizations achieve dramatic improvements in use of people, processes and technology.

Our services include:
  • Strategy, Quality Assurance, Program Management: Improve helps organizations develop actionable strategies to define, prioritize, and accomplish their mission. We are able to provide program management services to manage multiple project teams. Program management services include ensuring that all projects are delivered to meet quality specifications and are on time and within budget. We assure the quality of each project through reviewing deliverable quality and confirming that the project meets its goals and the contracted scope of work is delivered.
  • Operational and Technology Consulting:Improve identifies ways to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness in local and state education and government agencies; these significant cost-effective improvements in service delivery result from successfully conducting operational, performance, compliance, and financial audits, using outcome-focused performance data. We have extensive experience identifying how technology can increase operational effectiveness and streamline business processes. In the education sector, we have leading-edge experience implementing digital learning environments that transform the efficiency and effectiveness of district and school operations.
  • Financial Analysis and Risk Assessment: Improve provides financial analyses and risk assessment services that include conducting a comprehensive risk assessment of educational grants, assisting with the development of corrective action plans, and providing findings and recommendations to build stronger and sustainable grants management systems, including creation of grants administration policies and procedures manuals. Our financial analyses include the alignment of capital and operating expenses with strategic priorities (see “Strategic Resource Allocation, Human Capital, and School Redesign,” below).
  • Program Evaluation: We assist organizations assess the effectiveness of a program or intervention through study design, analysis and reporting. Our study designs include identification of valid and reliable methods to measure the impact of the program. This involves baseline and benchmark data collection, pre/post-testing, randomized controlled trials, etc. Program baseline and implementation findings are analyzed to measure effectiveness, fidelity of implementation, and progress made towards goal attainment. All evaluations culminate in summary reports including recommendations for process and/or program improvement.
  • Communications and Change Management: The ability to communicate, collaborate with, and galvanize stakeholders throughout any management consulting project is critical to its success. Each project must address change management strategies, from project outset to project conclusion, to ensure a focus on stakeholder benefits and the metrics of success.
  • Project Management and Implementation:Improve supports organizations by clearly defining project scope and providing disciplined project management processes, tools, and templates to support implementation, enabling organizations to better achieve their project goals on time and within budget.
  • School Improvement: Improve’s services include systems-level approaches to school improvement. This involves quantitative and qualitative data review including student and staff performance, and conversations with community district and school leaders resulting in recommendations and implementation strategies for resource reallocation, appropriate staffing models, applicable scheduling and use of the school day, talent development and/or leadership coaching/thought partnering, enhanced student support systems, and assistance in constructing professional learning community structures and approaches.